About Us

The MCSIG was formed under the workers' compensation statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is regulated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Insurance. Quarterly and annual financial statements are submitted to, and are on file with, the Commonwealth’s Division of Insurance. The Group is governed by the Board of Directors and operated by an Administrator appointed by the Board. The administration, claims management and loss control programs are overseen by the RCAB Office of Risk Management. The claims administration is performed under contract with AISC, a subsidiary of AIM Mutual Insurance Co. of Burlington, Massachusetts.

The Group’s members include the Archdiocese of Boston, the Diocese of Springfield, and Catholic institutions such as nursing homes, colleges, social service agencies and hospitals. Any Catholic institution may become a member and take advantage of the savings and services of the MCSIG if they are a Catholic organization operating within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In addition to highly competitive pricing, members are eligible to benefit from favorable loss experience through dividends that are paid. The group has declared and distributed dividends for each of the last fifteen years. These dividends have returned more than $30 million to its members.